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Old Stone

29 May
New Release! The Old Stone House is a relaxed house with a great summer feel and vintage décor. A skybox version is also included, so it’s a 2-4-1 deal!
See it in-world here

Tegan ❤


And we will hustle, hustle to be free.

22 May

The Hustle Loft is a NYC-esque skybox with a roomy, modern feel.

More pictures on Xstreet.

See it in-world here

Tegan ❤


7 May

More newness! The Sleepyhead House is a modern build with a chic interior..

See it in-world here More photos on Xstreet.

Tegan ❤

Honey in the Sun

1 May

A new release! The Silenzio house is an Italian-inspired abode, perfect for lounging around on long summer days..

More photos on Xstreet. See it in-world here.