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Little Bird

27 Mar

The Songbird Shack is a cute little home that is perfect lounging on sunny spring days..

More pictures on XStreet. See it in-world here.

Tegan ❤


We Share The Same Skies

19 Mar

The Studio Skybox is the first home in the air by Modest House. It’s a simple, minimalist space  which is perfect for getting away from the hustle and bustle of ground life..

See it in world here. More pictures on Xstreet

Tegan ❤


18 Mar

The Plum Cottage is a cosy wooden hideaway that comes complete with a fireplace for warm, comfy evenings.

See it in world here. More pictures on Xstreet.

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Wouldn’t it be nice

17 Mar

The Shabby Beach House is a simple, relaxing home with a deck that’s great for chilling out on.

See it for yourself here. More photos on Xstreet.

Tegan ❤

Paper Thin Walls

16 Mar


A month ago, I built a house. It was fun so I built some more, and hey presto.. Modest House was born.

This first house is named ‘The Chevy House’ (in honour of a friends inexplicable love of Chevy Chase). It’s a light and airy two storey home that comes complete with a skybox version.

See the house in world here
More pictures on Xstreet

Tegan ❤